Hi, my name is Jonatan, how you may know me from the German Scratch-Wiki, or joooni, which is my Scratch nick.

As you may have guessed from this, I do come from Germany, but I learned English as my second language and therefore can read and write it quite well.

I am Co-Founder and Sys-Admin of the German Scratch-Wiki and doing all the technical stuff over there.

Oh, and by the way, I'm coming to the Scratch-Conference in Barcelona! :)

Me & Scratch

I made my first Scratch experience at a course in school, back in 2008. This is also how I met Martin Wollenweber.

Since it was a lot of fun and I got into it very fast, I started as a tutor for the same course in early 2009.

After some years I lost the motivation for more complex Scratch projects, because I was very busy with school and other stuff. But my contact to Martin and the activities of Jens Mönig kept my interest on Scratch, even though I didn't do a lot of programming with it.

Since early 2012 I'm getting a little more back into it again, and Scratch 2.0 is a great motivation.

My Scratch-Video-Tutorials

in 2012 I started a YouTube Channel, where I uploaded some German Tutorials for Scratch.

The project stopped due to time issues, but I'm planning about new English and German videos on this channel.

You can find this channel here.

The Scratch Wiki

I am one of the founders of the German Scratch-Wiki, from when it started as a little list of tips at a private homepage.

When we switched to a more professional hosting and MediaWiki, I helped integrating extensions and the scratchskin, because I had a lot of experience with webdesign.

I'm always keeping an eye on layout, style and understandable articles rather than writing a lot of content.

I want to help making the English and the German Wiki more similar, without losing the individual structures of both.

Programming Languages

I started programming with the web languages, from HTML and CSS I got to PHP and later to JavaScript.

This is where I stayed most of the time, and still I think of it as one of the best languages.

Later I moved on to Visual C# and .Net-surroundings, which I prefer over Java.

I learned some other languages on my way, and currently I'm into F#, which I love!

I never understood smalltalk, even though I tried several times.

Other Activity

Besides programming I do quite a lot of other stuff.

Just a little snap of it: I like filming, editing and watching videos (my Main-YouTube-Channel), playing multiple guitars, programming, playing Minecraft, visiting festivals, etc.

Oh, and eating, I love eating! :D