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The Scratch website uses its own engine; as this engine takes up to a few days to add new pages, it consequently does not show new projects. All of these should show up in at most a week. Sometimes if a project is censored or marked NFE, it also will not show up.
The search bar


For some parts of the site, there is an alternative to the Google search.

Advanced Search

Archive.png This article or section documents something not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.

There used to be a Google-independent beta "advanced search" here[dead link] that allowed users to search for projects by a variety of factors including post date, love-its, sprites, scripts, and many others. Recently uploaded projects appeared in this search immediately.

It only searched projects, though it was wanted for galleries too.[1]

Interestingly, the page for the search was replaced by a MySQL error page. The reason for this is unknown. More recently, it appears to be a broken copy of Clutter.

An advanced search can be run from the Google website itself from here. Notice how the site/domain field is filled in as scratch.mit.edu.

Using External Search Engines

It is possible to use external search engine websites such as Google.com to search for projects more accurately[citation needed] than the custom search provided using "site:scratch.mit.edu " at the beginning of a search term. Specific parts of the website can also be searched, for example:

site:scratch.mit.edu/discuss How to make cloud multiplayer

Scratch Provided Search

The search bar was changed to a Google custom search during Hour of Code because of all the new users that it would generate. However, the Scratch Team has since changed it back to the default search engine.


In April 2022, a bug was reported that projects over an ID of 643014898 cannot be shown in a search,[2][3] which is probably caused by a project indexer issue.

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