Sharing projects to the official Scratch website from Scratch Modifications is against the Scratch license. Even if it weren't, they would still be incompatible.

Scratch Modifications cannot share projects to the Scratch Website for a few reasons.




Scratch has a limited feature set. One of the purposes of modifying the source is to add features. Because these features were not programmed into Scratch, they would not be compatible with either the Scratch application or the online players. Furthermore, a Scratch modification may contain features more prone to security or safety risks, such as online compatibility, and Scratch is designed to be safe and for all ages.

File Type

Scratch uses the file extension .sb3 for projects, and .sprite3 for sprites. Many Scratch modifications will change the project extension, and some, such as BYOB, have a different sprite extension as well. Scratch will not recognize or open other filetypes. Even if the project extension is the same, the header may be different.


The source code license itself prevents modified versions of Scratch to be uploaded to the website.

Mod Share

Main article: Mod Share

Projects made in supported modifications can be uploaded to Mod Share, a user made site for this purpose.

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