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An example of a whitelist.

A whitelist is a list of words allowed in a string of text, used to remove or censor undesired language.

Whitelists should not contain words that may be used in rude or otherwise inappropriate sentences. A list of example words that are whitelisted was made by Paddle2See here.

Some whitelists are not used to censor or remove language, but instead to allow access to features only to certain users. However, such restrictions are easily evaded.

Example Implementation

A technique to implement a whitelist would be to split the sentence into words and then use this script:

set [i v] to (0)//i stands for iterator
repeat (length of [message v]) //"message" should be split into words as stated above
change [i v] by (1)
if <not<[allowed words v] contains (item (i) of [message v])>> then
replace item (i) of [message v] with []//set this to whatever you want to replace a non-allowed word

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