When () Pressed in Order
when  ( v) pressed in order::makeymakey hat
Category Makey Makey
Type Hat
Introduced in 3.0

The When () Pressed in Order block is a hat block and a Makey Makey block. The block activates when the chosen keys are pressed in that specific order, either on the computer keyboard or the Makey Makey device. The options are:

  • left up right
  • right up left
  • left right
  • right left
  • up down
  • down up
  • up right down left
  • up left down right
  • up up down down left left right right

To include any key combinations, insert a reporter block in the drop-down menu, for example a join block. In the join block, insert the keys to be pressed in order, separated by space. For example, "a b c d" would require the user to press A, then B, then C, at last D. Most symbols that can be typed on a keyboard are possible too, for example, an exclamation mark. Enter is also supported.

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