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This article is about the Makey Makey Extension block. For the Events Block, see When () Key Pressed (block).
When () Key Pressed
when ( v) key pressed::makeymakey hat
Category Makey Makey
Type Hat
Introduced in 3.0


The When () Key Pressed block is a Hat Block in the Makey Makey Extension that activates its script when a specific key is pressed on the Makey Makey. Currently, it only supports space, the arrow keys, w, a, s, d, f, and g. However, reporter blocks can be placed inside the drop-down menu (e.g. the join block) to support any other keys, including enter and some symbols.

Differences with When () Key Pressed (events)

Unlike the standard events block When () Key Pressed, the Makey Makey block doesn't produce a short pause between the first and second time the script below it is run. This minor difference is about the only one between the two blocks, along with the standard one not having the ability of placing a reporter block in its drop-down menu.