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When This Sprite Clicked
when this sprite clicked
Category Control/Event
Type Hat
Introduced in 1.0

The When This Sprite Clicked block is an Events block and a hat block. Scripts that wear the block will activate once its sprite or clone of the sprite is clicked. Contrary to its definite name, the block will also execute the clone's script when the clone is clicked on.

Clicking on transparent areas of the sprite does not trigger this event, except for transparent areas surrounded by using the hollow rectangle and oval tools in the bitmap editor.

If a sprite has been hidden by the hide block, when its location is clicked on, the script under the When This Sprite Clicked block will not activate.[1]

In the stage, this block is called When Stage Clicked.

when stage clicked
The When Stage Clicked block.


In Scratch 1.x, this block was called When () Clicked. It was automatically filled in with the name of the sprite it was placed on.

In Scratch 2.0, its name was changed to When This Sprite Clicked, likely to make the block name consistent for all sprites. In early versions, it was called When I Am Clicked, but this was changed for unknown reasons.


This will run the scripts below it whenever the sprite is clicked. If the sprite is set to be draggable by the set drag mode block, it will activate when the sprite is released from being dragged.

Note Note: This will also run for clones of a sprite when they are clicked.

Example Uses

  • Making buttons
when this sprite clicked
broadcast (open menu v) //an example button that opens a menu
when this sprite clicked
switch backdrop to (meadow v) //changing backdrops
  • Interacting with objects
when this sprite clicked
repeat (20)
change [whirl v] effect by (5)
repeat (10)
change size by (-10)
  • Input controls
when this sprite clicked
say [Hello!] for (2) secs
ask [How are you feeling today?] and wait
if <(answer) = [Happy]> then
 say [That's good!] for (2) secs
  • Menus
when this sprite clicked
set size to (90)%
wait (0.5) secs
set size to (100)%
broadcast (Menu v)


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

This block can be replicated with the following code:

Note Note: These do not perfectly replicate the behavior of this block, as they will not detect tap to click when using a trackpad.
when gf clicked
wait until <not <mouse down?>>
wait until <mouse down?>
if <touching (mouse-pointer v)?> then
. . .


when gf clicked
if <<mouse down?> and <touching (mouse-pointer v)>> then
. . .
wait until <not <mouse down?>>


when [timer v] > (0.1)
wait until <<mouse down?> and <touching (mouse-pointer v)?>>
. . .
wait until <not <<mouse down?> and <touching (mouse-pointer v)?>>>
stop [this script v]


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