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Advertising is when a Scratcher posts a link to something they have created (such as a project or studio) on someone else's profile, projects, or studio.

What Advertising is on Scratch

When a Scratcher posts a link to a project, studio, or forum that they have made on on another Scratcher's profile, projects, or studios, it is known as advertising. Most of the time it causes spam, and usually people get annoyed when there is a lot of spam. Sometimes it is acceptable when a Scratcher wants someone else to advertise on their profile, but advertising should not be done if the advertisement is known to be annoying to the Scratcher in question.

Sometimes it is acceptable to keep a Scratcher updated on a project, studio, or forum when they want to be notified of events that go on there. However, it is always good to ask for permission about whether or not the user desires the advertising. If the project, studio, or forum isn't necessary to the user or isn't informative, advertising should not be done, especially if previous warnings have been given.

Good Forms of Advertising

There are also forms of advertising which are not spam. Scratchers can post their advertisements in the Show and Tell forum. They can also place their advertisement in their signature on the forums.

Why Advertising can Often be Bad

Note Note: Advertising is allowed on the Show and Tell forum, but is mostly disallowed everywhere else.

Advertising can annoy a lot of Scratchers when they don't want projects, studios, or forums advertised on their profile or in other places. Advertising with studio invites is often shamed upon. Sometimes it can be informative when they need the advertisement, so they can be kept updated on a certain project, studio, or forum. However, many times the advertisement is irrelevant.

Scratchers advertise for many reasons, but the most common one (though far from the only one) is that they think they can become popular by doing so.

How to Prevent Advertising

Users' "About me" or "What I'm working on" profile sections can be used to politely request against advertising. If someone posts an advertisement on a users' profile, that user may kindly express their dislike of advertisements. The Community Guidelines must be followed at all times.

If advertisements are spammed after at least one request to desist, all of the spam should be reported.

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