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Activity feeds are a feature in Scratch that shows the most recent activity of Scratchers a user is following. There is one on the front page when logged in, called "What's Happening?", and on a user's profile page, called "What I've been doing", shown to everyone.

What's Happening?

The What’s Happening? section includes several things. It shows the icon and username of the Scratcher who performed an action, what time they performed the action, which action they performed (e.g. loved, favorited, remixed, etc.), and what studio, project, or user they performed the action on. This section also shows if the user accepted an invitation to become a curator of a studio or if they have been promoted to manager of a studio they curate. Their username will be in a purple color, and so will the name of the item they performed the action on. The purple text links to its item's page.

If the user is not following anyone, it will display this message, with a link to the Welcoming Committee:

This is where you will see updates from Scratchers you follow
Check out some Scratchers you might like to follow
The message shown when the user is not following anyone

If the user is not logged in, the "What's Happening?" section will not show.


On April Fools' Day 2014, the user’s Scratch language could be set to "Meow", and the "What's Happening?" text would be replaced with "WHAT’S HAPPENING RIGHT MEOW?". On April Fools' Day 2015, the user’s Scratch language could be set to "Edible Scratch," and the "What's Happening?" text would be replaced with the text "What’s Cooking?".

The What's Happening section

What I've been Doing

The What I've been doing section on a user's page.

The What I've been doing section is on the right side of a Scratcher's Profile Page, next to the About me and What I'm working on sections. It shows what the user has been doing. The activity in the What I've been doing box disappears after a year of inactivity.[1]

There used to be a bug where posting in the forums caused all activity in this section to disappear. It is not known what caused that bug.[2]

Activity Recorded

The following activity is recorded and shown. In each section, a maximum of 5 recent items is enforced.

Note Note: The syntax "[user]" means a username, with a link only on What's Happening; "<something>" means the title, with a link.

Below each item is how long ago it happened, in gray and a smaller font. On the left of each item is an icon. In the What's Happening section, it is the user's icon. In the What I've been doing section, it is an icon about the action.

Prank Studios And Projects

There are some studios, with unusual titles such as 'you home' or 'you around'. If one follows one of these studios, in their followers' "What's Happening?", it will come up in the Activity Feed as '<username> is now following you home' or '<username> is now following you around>',[3] which some people find funny.

Similar pranking can be done with projects when a user loves a project.[4]

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