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“What’s Happening?” is a section on the Front Page that gives you information about the most recent activity from Scratchers you are following.


The What’s Happening? section includes several things. It shows the icon and username of the Scratcher, what time they performed the action, the action they performed (Examples: loved, favorited, remixed, became curator of, etc.), and what studio or project they performed the action to. Their username will be in a blue color, and so will the studio or project. The user can click on the blue text, and it will lead them to the project, studio, or user profile.

If the user is not following anyone, it will display this message: "This is where you will see updates from Scratchers you follow - Check out some Scratchers you might like to follow.” If the user is not logged in, it will display this message: Create stories, games, and animations! Share with others around the world! A creative learning community with (insert: number of projects) projects shared!


On April Fools Day, 2014, the user’s Scratch langauage could be set to Meow, and they would see where the text What’s Happening? is, it would say, WHAT’S HAPPENING RIGHT MEOW?. On April Fools Day, 2015, the user’s Scratch language could be set to Edible Scratch, and the where What’s Happening? used to be, it would say, What’s Cooking?.