A Welcoming Committee Curator (commonly abbreviated SWC, or WCS curator) is a Scratcher who curates and has the ability to add projects in the Welcoming Committee, a Scratch Helper Group run by the Scratch Team.

List of Welcoming Committee Curators

Currently, 26 Scratchers participate in the Welcoming Committee.[1]

Managers (6)

Curators (10)

  • chacharosie8888
  • ItchyCatIII
  • makethebrainhappy
  • Sandstorm5
  • jakel181
  • RonTheNerd
  • oriquack
  • Ninja-Super-Girl
  • NilsTheBest
  • Illusion705

Project Reviewing Team Members (10)

  • PegasusHT
  • 54329
  • Angelstar3
  • MistyRain17
  • JJBullet
  • Paigeri
  • scratchinghead
  • swim1016
  • hibyeperson
  • Live_YourLife


The main duty of a Welcoming Committee Curator is to review and add "Welcome to Scratch" projects to the studio. There are a few requirements that need to be checked before the project is added.[2] They also help to respond to comments in the studio.

Becoming a curator

New curators of the studio are chosen by the Scratch Team and existing curators. Possible new curators are discussed in the Welcoming Committee private forum. Only Scratch Mentors and the Scratch Team are managers of the studio.

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