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Web Blox
Web Blox Logo.png
Version 1.0.1
Operating Systems Windows, Eureka
Purpose for creation Allow easier programming in several text-based programming languages
Developer(s) Daffy22
Open source? Yes
Programming language Squeak
Released? Yes
Compatible with No
Official Website
Archived Forum Topic ar-topic:51051

Web Blox is a Scratch modification that is intended to make web programming easier. It allows users to program in a wide variety of web languages including HTML (4 and 5), PHP, ASP, XML, RSS, PEARL, JavaScript, CGI, and CSS.


Web Blox, using the same drag and drop system that Scratch uses, allows users to create their own web pages by dragging and dropping blocks that correspond to the different HTML tags. Its purpose is "to make web programming easier," just as Scratch is a way to make programming itself easier.


The Web Blox interface.

Web Blox's different features can be found below:

  • Blocks corresponding to HTML tags and simple script elements
  • Custom HTML and script blocks with multiline inputs
  • A compiler that saves the script as HTML
  • A "view in browser" button
  • A debugger
  • Help on various HTML elements
  • Learner and expert modes

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