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A project using video sensing (created by Mitch Resnick, Scratch Team member).

Video Sensing is a feature added in Scratch 2.0. It is similar to the Microsoft Kinect.[citation needed]

Video Blocks

There are 3 blocks related to video sensing.

Turn Video ()

Main article: Turn Video () (block)
turn video [on v]

This block can be accessed only by the Stage, in the Looks palette. It can turn the video on, off, or on-flipped (flipped horizontally).

Set Video Transparency to ()%

Main article: Set Video Transparency to ()% (block)
set video transparency to (50)%

This block, like Turn Video (), can only be accessed by the Stage, in the Looks palette. It can set the transparency of the webcam output. Setting it to 0 makes it completely opaque, and setting it to 100 makes it completely transparent.

Video () on ()

Main article: Video () on () (block)
(video [motion v] on [this sprite v])

This Reporter block can be accessed and used by any sprite, or the Stage. The first dropdown menu has options "motion" and "direction". The second contains a list of all the sprites.

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