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This article is about the feature. For the extension, see Video Sensing Extension.
A project using video sensing (created by Mitchel Resnick, Scratch Team member).

Video Sensing is a feature added in Scratch 2.0, and can be found under 'Extensions.' It sets the backdrop of a project to a live feed of the user's camera. There are 2 stack blocks, 1 hat block and 1 reporter block.

Video Blocks

There are four blocks related to video sensing. Two are stack blocks, one a reporter block, and one is a hat block.

When Video Motion > ()

Main article: When Video Motion is greater than () (block)

when video motion > (10) — This hat block starts its script if video motion is larger than the specified value.

Turn Video ()

Main article: Turn Video () (block)

turn video (on v) — This block can turn the video on, off, or on-flipped (flipped horizontally).

Set Video Transparency to ()

Main article: Set Video Transparency to () (block)

set video transparency to (50) — This block can set the transparency of the webcam output. Setting it to 100 makes it completely white, and 0 is a normal camera, thus any value in-between will set it to the corresponding transparency value.

Video () on ()

Main article: Video () on () (block)

(video (motion v) on (this sprite v)) — This reporter block can be accessed and used by any sprite, or the Stage. The first dropdown menu has options "motion" and "direction". The second contains a list of all the sprites.

Cloud Variables

For privacy and security reasons, the video sensing blocks disable cloud variables. A message appears before the green flag is clicked explaining this.

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