An example of a walk-cycle, done with Pico

A walk cycle is a series of frames, or costumes, used in such a way to simulate the action of walking or other methods of transportation. They can range from simple loops[1] to complex 100-frame cycles.[2]

Examples and Uses

Walk cycles are typically used for:

  • For character movement, etc.
  • Animated art
  • Racing games
  • War/battle games
  • Walk cycles are also sometimes stand-alone projects.

They are extremely useful for making movement appear more realistic when used with blocks such as Glide or other Motion Blocks.

Making it Walk

Create a sprite and draw the costumes of the character walking. Then apply the following script:

when gf clicked
move (10) steps //This block is optional, but is common.
wait (0.2) secs
next costume

The sprite should walk with an animation when finished.

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