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3.0 Vector Editor

When Scratch 3.0 was first released on January 1st, 2019. It changed the website's history and gave it a new modern look. One of the new major updates was the release of a newly designed vector editor. The vector editor looked completely different and new. Many users were upset about this new change and did not appreciate the new Scratch or the new vector editor.[citation needed]

Vector Editor Tools

The current version of the vector editor in Scratch 3.0 includes the following nine tools:

Vector Tool Descriptions

Selecting Tool

The selecting tool allows Scratchers to select different elements in their sprite editor, or backdrop editor. This tool also enables users to make elements bigger or smaller. The selecting tool is the first tool in the tools section, and has a mouse cursor icon.

Reshape Tool

Next is the reshaping tool which allows users to reshape elements in Scratch's editor to their personal liking. This tool can be used to create sprites that are not included in the Sprite Library. After selecting this tool and have clicked an element, a small cursor will appear on every vertex of the chosen element. If a user drags these cursors, the shape will move around with the mouse. The icon for this tool is a mouse cursor touching the reshaping cursors.

Paintbrush Tool

The next tool is the paintbrush tool which allows Scratchers to paint onto an element in the vector editor. This tool can be customized by its size and color. The maximum brush size is 100 and the minimum is 1. The brush moves with the mouse, and can be used in painting or coloring elements. The paint brush tool can be recolored after it is drawn! To do so, one can use the select tool to recolor it.


The next tool is the eraser which enables Scratchers to erase mistakes they might make in vector. This is also customizable by changing its size. The maximum for changing size is 100 and the minimum is 1. This tool's icon is recognizable by its eraser.

Fill Tool

The fill tool allows users to fill in empty spaces in elements. This is also customizable with its colors and gradients. Users can choose up to two colors and one gradient when filling in a object. This tool's icon is a paint bucket.

Text Box

This tool, the text box tool, allows Scratchers to create text boxes within Scratch's editing space. Users have a variety of fonts to choose from and to style text. Users can also change the size of the text and the color. This tool's icon is a "T".

Line Tool

The next tool is the line tool which creates lines in the vector editor. This is also customizable, with how thick the line is, and the color. Scratchers may also change the length of the line to their liking. This icon is a line.


This tool creates circles in vector. The circles can be customized with the color of the circle, and the size. Scratchers can also change the outline of the circle with its color and size. Circles are also one of the elements that can be reshaped. This tool's icon is a circle.


The final tool is the rectangle tool. This tool creates rectangles and squares. These can also be reshaped and changed in color and size. The outline of these shapes are also customizable.

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