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This article is about the names of Scratchers. For the article about the Username block, see Username (block).

A username uniquely identifies Scratchers in the Scratch Community. Each Scratcher is required to have a username, which is set while creating an account. Since usernames are the only way to identify Scratchers; no two usernames can be the same in Scratch. If one sees an inappropriate username, they should contact the Scratch Team or report it. The username shouldn't give away any personal information; however, it can include what the user likes in it. For example, CatsAreAwesome623 would be an okay username, whereas one containing personal information, such as JakeBerleck2005NYC, wouldn't be.


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Usernames appear wherever a user must be identified. It is often accompanied by the user's icon. These include on projects they share, comments and forum posts they make, and in lists of users (such as followers).

Drop Down

If a user is logged in, their username also appears on the navigation bar on the top of the Scratch Website. When clicked on, a variety of links will appear such as Profile, My Stuff, Account settings and Sign out.


Main article: Is it possible to change my username?

Usernames cannot be changed. This has been asked about, suggested, and declined multiple times due to the software architecture not designed to handle that, it would be confusing for everyone to be able to change their username, as other Scratchers will not be able to recognise them, and it is prone to server crashing.[1][2][3][4]

The only way to get a new username is to create a new account. Projects can then be transferred, at the cost of losing all statistics. The user will also have to regain the Scratcher rank which will interfere with projects with cloud variables.

In extremely rare cases, the Scratch Team has "changed" a couple of usernames in the past (by creating a new account and transferring projects over with their statistics); however, they only do so if the username is inappropriate or contains personal information.[citation needed]


Main article: Impersonation

Occasionally, usernames will be impersonated, such as Paddletosea instead of Paddle2See.[5] This usually includes doing simple substitutions, such as replacing a capital letter I (i) with a lowercase l (L), or switching the letter O and number 0.[6] These users should always be reported using Contact Us, as some users think the impersonator is really the user and simply reporting the username does not provide enough context.[7]


Example of namesnipes.

A username which is a usual word often used is often called a "namesnipe". They are often discovered by using the @ symbol in comments or entering the URL with that username. Many people accuse namesniped accounts as spambots but usually are old accounts which were abandoned a long time ago or accounts made for fun. They usually are filled with comments that often relate to the username, including linking to other namesnipes. Namesnipes are sometimes discouraged or considered spam[citation needed].

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