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The CP Weekly is a newspaper by Mitopolis. It is about recent discussions, like the one about BeetleBlocks. I am looking for more reporters, so use the sign-up page! For me to accept, you must be active on the CP.




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The CP Weekly Issue 1

BeetleBlocks Deletion

In January and February 2016, there was a large discussion about deleting the BeetleBlocks article. The main topic was here. Some quotes are:

I was actually thinking delete that page. I think very few Scratchers know about BeetleBlocks. I don't consider it notable at all.

– Mitopolis

That's the whole thing. Since not many Scratchers know about BeetleBlocks, we should tell them about it with that page.

– Hamish752

Things need to be notable to be on here. I might make the "Non-Notable Scratch Wiki" on my userpage. I would put BeetleBlocks there.

– Mitopolis

It's a programming language based off Scratch, which uses software developed by a former Scratch Team member. How is that not notable? We have pages for Scratch Extensions and also a page for Snap!, and this is very similar. I say we keep it.

– Hamish752

When someting is notable, most Scratchers know about it. Scratch Wiki:New Page Policies

– Mitopolis

This discussion about deleting the article BeetleBlocks, reminds me awkwardly to the horrible "deleting discussions" in the German Wikipedia: IMHO German Wikipedians spent more time with discussions, if or not articles should be deleted than writing new articles: I already had that years ago with the German Wikipedia-Articles I wrote about Scratch, BYOB and Snap! Nobody talks about if the article is useful knowledge for the reader, but only about if it fulfills the relevance-laws, that only about 250(!!!) German Wikipedia admins practice so strict (without asking the 100 Million readers!), that the number of authors decreased in the last years rapidly because most authors loose interst when their articles got deleted, after investing lots of time and efforts. I hate this "deleting knowledge'-thing of the German Wikipedia and I'm happy that the English Wikipedia is not like that. PLEASE don't start that thing here at the Scratch-Wiki!!! Instead of doing that, you could risk a look at this Video of Eric Rosenbaum, a former member of the Scratch Team, demonstrating BeetleBlocks at the Scratch2015AMS. Also have a look at S:CPND#Lack of curiosity at Scratch Wiki? where lots of things, that are worth writing an article about, are still waiting.

– MartinWollenweber

+1 let's use our energy to make and improve articles instead of discussing about their deletion.

– Frodewin

The discussions led to "keep it."

Sonic on April Fool's Pages

Recently, Sonic the Hedgehog-related content caused a major discussion, spreading to many talk pages. The main article was Kaj, where fish/Sonic was discussed. The discussion led to "keep Sonic, but do no allow large amounts to be added anymore."

Cartoon Network deletion

There have been two medium discussions about Cartoon Network and its importance. The first discussion led to "delete." The article was recreated, and its results are currently unknown.
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