Welcome to the Scratch Wiki, Kawais_Alt!
We're glad to have you here! The Scratch Wiki is a large wiki which anyone, including you, can contribute to and edit. With 2,131 articles, 2,379 users, 112 active users, 321,790 edits and 3,859 files, the Scratch Wiki has been thriving since December 6, 2008.

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jvvg (talk | contribs) 17:51, 21 December 2022 (UTC)

Welcome to the Scratch Wiki Kawais_Alt!


Welcome to the Scratch wiki, Kawais_Alt!

Congratulations on getting your account accepted. I'm Adzboy, a Wikian who is here to help. I am also an active community helper on the main website and forums, you may have seen me around before. You can read more about me on my userpage. Now that you are an editor you can make improvements to pages that need them and enjoy the amazing Wiki community. Before you start editing, take a look at the help pages and cheatsheet to learn all you need to know about editing this Wiki. Take some time to create your own userpage which little bit like your about me on Scratch but much larger with lots more options to help make it your own (You can make yours here). If you have any further questions about the Scratch Wiki then feel free to ask them on my talk page or the Community Portal.

UserIconAdzboy.png AdzboyTalkContributionsScratch Profile 18:33, 21 December 2022 (UTC)


Welcome to the Scratch Wiki! I'm ahmetlii! You can find me at here in Scratch. Also, my user page can be found at here. If you have a question, you can send a message to me. Also, you can ask to all the Wiki users and admins in their talk pages or in the Community Portal.
Note Note: I recommend you to look at top of the page and read the message. Good luck and good edits in the Wiki!

Ahmetlii logo.gif ahmetlii  Talk  Contributions  Directory 
18:50, 21 December 2022 (UTC)

Welcome to The Wiki!

SpaghettiAG852097- Logo.jpeg
Welcome to The Scratch Wiki, Kawais_Alt!

Hi Kawais_Alt, I'm SpaghettiAG852097-! Congratulations on becoming a member of the wiki! The Scratch Wiki is a place where Scratchers can write about Scratch! So Far, the Wiki has 2,131 articles, 2,379 users, 3,859 files, and 321,790 edits!

First, check the welcome tutorial which will get you started about editing.

Next, check the cheatsheet which will show you some useful tips about editing.

If you have any questions you can ask me on my talk page or on the community portal.

Good Luck Editing!

SpaghettiAG852097- Logo.jpeg SpaghettiAG852097- talkcontribsprofile 16:16, 22 December 2022 (UTC)


Han614698 H Logo.png

Welcome to the Scratch Wiki, Kawais_Alt!

Congratulations on becoming a member of the Scratch Wiki! I'm han614698, a Wikian.

Since December 6th, 2008, the Scratch Wiki has accumulated 2,131 articles, 2,379 users, 112 active users, 321,790 edits and 3,859 files!

First off, check out the Welcome Tutorial.

From there, you can check out the Cheatsheet, which lists many helpful edit techniques.

If you have any questions regarding the Wiki or want to just chat, feel free to leave a message on my talk page, or leave a message on the Community Portal!

Have fun editing and I hope to see you around!

Han614698 H Logo.png han614698 talkcontribsprofile

Han614698 H Logo.png han614698 talkcontribsprofile 12:01, 22 December 2022 (UTC)

About Me

Hello, my name is Kawais_Alt (They/Them). You can call me KVHS. I'm a wiki editor on Fandom, but now I have decided to take a step further into the Scratch community. My dream is to unite the world with the power of "Kawaii かわいい".
Kawais_Alt (talk | contribs) 07:51, 20 January 2023 (UTC)

Hey There! Make sure you sign your posts with the 4 tidles (~~~~). Also, you can create your own userpage about you at user: Kawais Alt kinda like an about me.
SpaghettiAG852097- Logo.jpeg SpaghettiAG852097- talkcontribsprofile 02:46, 23 December 2022 (UTC)

Regarding your recent userpage edit

Hi, just wanting to let you know that discussing Scratch website bans is prohibited on the Scratch Wiki. Carrying over main-site drama to the Wiki is one of the situations in which a main-site ban does lead to a Wiki block (by default it does not). Your recent userpage edit was innocuous enough so I'm just letting you know now so that you don't attempt it again. Thank you.
Kenny2scratch logo.jpg kenny2scratch  Talk  Contribs  Directory 
05:25, 21 January 2023 (UTC)

Arigatogozaimasu. I will remove it ASAP.
Kawais_Alt (talk | contribs) 07:48, 21 January 2023 (UTC)
You also talked about you getting banned on Scratch Wiki:April Fools/User:Kawais Alt too. Also, please remember to indent by adding One more colon (:) than the person before you) Also, you dont have to add a space before your signature. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks :D
SpaghettiAG852097- Logo.jpeg SpaghettiAG852097- talkcontribsprofile 00:02, 22 January 2023 (UTC)

Inappropriate content

Recently, some edits you made to some April Fools' pages had to be edited, with some of your edits needing to be hidden from public view because they contained a number used to mean an inappropriate concept. Adding inappropriate content to this wiki goes against the Community Guidelines, so please do not add any to Wiki content.
Jammum Icon.png Jammum (💬 Talk - ✍️ Contribs - 🐱 Scratch) 16:21, 23 January 2023 (UTC)


I noticed you've been warned for some inappropriate/unallowed things lately. You should read the wiki guidelines and the scratch community guidelines before you make another edit. If you are still doubtful about the rules, you can ask on the Community Portal. I hope you'll be able to make better edits after you understand the rules.
SpiderLogo.png Vdiu | Talk | Contributions | Scratch Profile 12:06, 24 January 2023 (UTC)

Ok! Please revert my edits! I promise to not do it again.
Kawais_Alt (talk | contribs) 06:34, 25 January 2023 (UTC)
Someone else has already reverted them. Feel free to ask if you need help, though.:)
SpiderLogo.png Vdiu | Talk | Contributions | Scratch Profile 14:10, 25 January 2023 (UTC)
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