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Note Note: Any icon used by me on the wiki will not be updated to temporary profile pictures on any accounts I use.

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(aka SausageMcSauce on Scratch)

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Status: Not as active here anymore due to being busier in real life.

(This header's page)

In the links below are where I archive discussions on my talk page.

For main archives, I archive my talk page when it reaches around 30 topics (it was 15 for archives 1-4).


  • /1 (5th May 2019)
  • /2 (8th July 2020)
  • /3 (7th April 2021)
  • /4 (20th March 2022)
  • /5 (10th May 2023)

Bot Archives

These archives are for messages left by WikiMonitor and TemplatesFTW.


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