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Status: Hey! How is it going?
Last updated: 01:28, 09 May 2022 (GMT)

The last edit to this page was by: JJBullet.

  • If I left a message on your talk page, feel free to respond there or here, but stay consistent — don't respond here then continue the discussion there.
  • If I made an honest mistake, please assume good faith.
  • I welcome Scratch Wiki and/or Scratch-related questions.
  • Remember to write four '''~~~~''' tildes at the end of your reply.
  • When referring to me, call me Ashley or Ash
  • If you wish to view my archives, you can do so here.

In regards to the Welcoming Committee

Hi! I'm contacting you here because your profile comments are closed with a link to this page.

It looks like you have not responded to the Scratch Welcoming Committee reviewer activity check. We sent a notification out via our forum ( ) a few days ago. (if you didn't get notified, that means you need to follow that thread with the blue "Follow Discussion" button. If you don't respond to the activity check, you will be removed from the reviewing studios in a few days. You can find the activity check here Thank you! ~The SWC Curators
Leahcimto scratch profile picture.png leahcimto talkcontribsprofile 00:27, 15 April 2022 (UTC)

I have responded, thank you.
Pfp-jjbullet.gif JJBullet (💬 Talk✍️ Contribs🐱 Scratch) 18:55, 16 April 2022 (UTC)
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