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Welcome to my talk page. Please keep these things in mind:

• Sign your posts with four tildes at the end of your post.

• Remember to respect the Scratch Community Guidelines and the wiki guidelines

• If you post anything that violates any rules on scratch or the scratch wiki here, I shall delete it without replying

• Be respectful. I make mistakes all the time, feel free to remind me when I do something wrong, but I would prefer it if you did it in a nice way. :)

• My userpage and talk look a bit... messy. I don't *yet* mind.

• Please don't remove the white from the message you're posting. It helps me read messages. With black, I can't read it in a dark theme. ._.

• Don't repeatedly send the same message. Anything I count as spam will be deleted.

• When linking, please use [https://link.url <span style="color:red">link title</span>] or [[Page|<span style="color:red">Page</span>]] to make the link red. This allows me to read links much more easily.

• When writing a title, please use <span style="color:white">title</span> to make your title white.

• I an an Experienced Wikian. As such, I can perform requests such as deleting pages and editing pages to the EWPlus protection level. If you would like me to perform such an operation, please send over a message

• If I made an edit that you rickrolled back or undid, please tell me why here.

• Go ahead and post!

• I'm wrong. :P Look below.