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UPC Talk Page

I made a talk page for the ease of communication.
Sigton (talk | contribs) 16:32, 10 March 2016 (UTC)

Very good! I was planning on doing this. ;)
Amateurradiogeek15 (talk | contribs) 16:35, 10 March 2016 (UTC)
I think we should add a section for a list of collab members.
Hamish752 (talk | contribs) 01:25, 12 March 2016 (UTC)
Knock yourself out! :D (Ok, I should clarify. I don't know if that saying is used where you are from...here it simply means "Have at it!") xD *I am not liable for any health insurance bills incurred by this message.*
Amateurradiogeek15 (talk | contribs) 01:34, 12 March 2016 (UTC)

Member List

Would someone like to import the list of members from the FP? Once we get that done we can work on linking them. ;)
Amateurradiogeek15 (talk | contribs) 16:36, 13 March 2016 (UTC)

I've added the active members section. If someone would like to do the retired members that would be great. :)
Amateurradiogeek15 (talk | contribs) 18:34, 13 March 2016 (UTC)
Retired members done :)
Sigton (talk | contribs) 20:06, 17 March 2016 (UTC)
Thank you! :D
Amateurradiogeek15's logo.png Amateurradiogeek15 (Talk | Contributions | Edits | Scratch account) 01:02, 18 March 2016 (UTC)