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Going to Costa Rica for Thanksgiving!


  • If I left a message on your talk page, feel free to respond there or here, but stay consistent — don't respond here then continue the discussion there.
  • Unless you ask me to do otherwise, if you talk to me here I will reply to you here.
  • All guidelines (Community and Scratch Wiki) still apply here — please follow them.
  • If you leave me a disrespectful message, do not expect a response and expect to see your message deleted.
  • If I made a mistake, of any kind whatsoever (assume good faith), please post your view calmly and collectedly.
  • Think about your post before posting and preview!
  • I welcome all questions — Wiki-/Scratch-related questions and personal(not too personal)/offtopic questions are equally welcome here.
  • I will only ping you if I know you are a new (of less than a week old) user (if I forget, do let me know) or if you ask me to!
  • Remember to write four tildes at the end of your reply/question
  • When referring to me, call me 12944qwerty or qwerty

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