About Me

                  Welcome to my Scratch Wiki user page.

Here you can find some information about me, what I like to do on Scratch and some other stuff that I feel fits in here ^w^

I joined the wonderful Scratch community in May of 2013 due to my technology teacher that introduced me to Scratch. I've fallen in love with the idea of coding ever since!

Once I joined I started exploring some of the things Scratch had, like the Scratch Welcoming Committee and a while later the Scratch Design Studio

Back then, helping out around the community wasn't my "main interest" but soon after a while of making collabs with my friends and some contest's, I became more interested in the idea of helping out new people and introduce them to coding.


°Former Front Page Curator

°SDS Curator

°HOC Studio Curator

°Scratch Welcoming Committee Curator!

Important Thanks!

Quite some times I thought I would leave Scratch because I didn't have the time to go on it as I used to have before but I have to say everyone encouraged me to stay!

Especially, thanks to my best friend forever Fantasmalistic- she's the one that understands me and helps me out when I don't feel so well! She also encourages me to think brighter and bigger! I love you 'gal <3

How to follow yourself

To do this you must have two accounts on scratch.

1. First, open two tabs.

2. On the first tab log out of your main account.

3. On the second tab log in on to your second account.

4. On the second account search your main account.

5. On the first tab log in to your main account.

6. On the second tab click follow.

This works because scratch servers thinks that you are logged in as you second account when you log in to your first account.

Contact Me

Do you have any doubts or questions about Scratch? Contact me here or at my profile and I'd be more than happy to answer!


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