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Scratch News Giga.png This isn't a real wiki page, Just a guide subpage made by Yzyzyz who asks you to not edit this page without his permission.

In this guide, I will show you some simple wiki tips and tricks for you to use.

~ tricks

We all know that if you write four ~s, like so: ~~~~, you get your signature.

Example no. 1

Yzyzyz (talk | contribs) 15:40, 3 October 2017 (UTC)

what you might not have known, is that if you use only 3 ~s, It only shows your username, and if you use 5 ~s, you only get the timestamp.

Example no. 2 Example no. 3
What to type ~~~ ~~~~~
What it does
Yzyzyz (talk | contribs)
15:40, 3 October 2017 (UTC)

I found it myself! Not a lot of people know about it, sadly :(. This also means that you should always type 4 ~s, no more and no less. I have seen a lot of people who only type 3 of those, and you can't know for sure when they have written their message.

ℳ₳₭¡₦G ₮€X৳ L∞₭ ₵0o₰[1]

Do you want to know how I have created this title? I didn't go to a super fancy website or something. I used the symbols section at the bottom, and some symbols that everyone has on their keyboards. My favorite one is «», but you can use a lot of those symbols in very cool ways.


Quotes are very simple to create. I will show you how to do so.

– Yzyzyz, This Guide

Quotes are very simple to create. I will show you how to do so. Write {{quote| YOUR_QUOTE | WHO_SAID_IT | WHERE_OR_WHEN}}, replace the things in caps with the quote, who said it and place/time, and you are done! This trick has some real uses in articles!

you can also use <blockquote></blockquote> if you want to make quotes that look like this.

header template

Wiki.png This is an header template. A lot of the templates on the wiki are based on this template. You can also make your own version of this template using some simple formatting. The formatting is: {{Header Template | SIDE_IMAGE_OR_TEXT | TEXT | BG_COLOR | BORDER_COLOR}}. replace what you need and you are done!

the invisible headline

There is a way to make headlines that aren't visible in the table of contents.

like so.

You can make those headlines using a semicolon (;) at the beginning of lines. Sadly, you can only make level 3 headlines that way.

linking to wiki users easily

All of us had that moment when you needed to put a link to a wiki user but you didn't want to write [[user:Username|Username]]. Well, now you don't need to write that anymore! you only need to write {{user|THE_USER_YOU_WANT_TO_LINK_TO}}, and you will get a link to their userpage! And not only that! See what else there is here: Yzyzyz (talk | contribs)[2]! cool!


Last trick for this guide! This trick has a really good explanation on an official help page, so I will just use it here using the old art of the copy-paste.

Usage Input → Output Description
{{gender:username|text for every gender}}
{{gender:username|male text|female text|text for unspecified}}
A switch for the gender set in Special:Preferences.
Note Note: If text for unspecified is not specified and the user's gender is unspecified, male text is returned

(using Help:Magic words)

the end and stuff

This is the end of this guide! I hope it was helpful to you, and if it did, tell me about it in my talk page! You can also suggest things for me to add to this guide, if you want to. Check out the rest of my guides and keep scratching!


  1. I hope this title won't cause a crash or something...
  2. I'm using myself so I can show you how it looks like.