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Scratch News Giga.png This isn't a real wiki page, Just a guide subpage made by Yzyzyz who asks you to not edit this page without his permission.

So, you might be thinking: "A page in a page? What do you mean by that?" and this is the right question to ask. By page in a page, I mean one of two things: A template (Help:Templates is am amazing guide for them), or a non template page which is transcluded inside of another page. they are both actually sort of the same thing, but I'm going to talk about the second meaning in this guide. so, what is Transclusion? I don't really know how to explain it, but you can look it up in wikipedia. it basically means a page inside of a page.

what can we transcljubhfjhsb? (I gave up on trying to spell that word)

The most common example of non-template Transclusion is the scratch wiki news. Editing the news changes the main page. In this guide, I will be focusing in special pages.