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Hello, readers. I am referred to commonly as XenoK, so you may just call me XenoK. I am fourteen years of age in whom takes a strong interest in music, literature, programming, art, dance, and video games. I administrate a group called Eternity Incurakai. I have devoted my life to many things, with scratch being one of them. IMA WORKIN ON MAH COMMAHS ALRIGHT?!

My Work

My current and major projects, all involve some sort of Eternity Inc. topic. So, mainly for my account, I just promote, Eternity Inc., and contribute to the scratch community. Most of them are simple projects, just meant to advertise, or show off something. All my major work is put forth onto the Eternity Inc. Account. I plan in the future, to create more complex projects, with their own unique meanings. They will probably aldo put forth for something bigger. I try to look at the bigger picture of things, if you kbow what I mean.


I take a large interest in art, in which some of my work can be found below. These are just a small amount, and not my very best work at that. However, I am proud of all of it! Enjoy the fantastic work, that I have provided for you below.


I am also very fond of programming, so I have also created much more than just art. I can make the art interactive, where it becomes games and more! I put all of my major work on the Eternity Inc. account. You can click the images below for the different ones.

EternityIncProjectIcon.gif Chromeappicon.gif Mestnsintroicon.gif Collectionscreenshotsicon.gif

I also program outside of scratch, studying to get better in more complicated languages such as JAVA, C#, and I also am quite fond of web developing/design in HTML, XML, and CSS!

Reading and Writing

My other interests, Reading and Writing, have me involved in writing storylines, books, and even articles for this wiki! My standards for grammar and spelling give me great talent in this area, however I am told that I overuse commas. I'm working on it ok?! I do a lot of writing, especially for the Eternity Inc. Website, and the Scratch Wiki.