About Me

I'm WolfCat67, and I'm a wiki editor who isn't very active.
WolfCat67 Zorua Profile Picture.png

Almost all of my contributions to the Scratch Wiki have been minor or creating the initial basic form of some minor new pages. However, I might make larger edits to some pages in the future, if time permits.

On July 24th, I was chosen to be the Front Page Curator from August 7th to August 14th. This was a huge opportunity, and it encourages me to work harder in the future.

What I Enjoy Making on Scratch

On the main Scratch website, I enjoy making a variety of projects, though I enjoy making games and note block projects. I share most of them on my main account but share some test projects on my test account.

My favourite project I created on Scratch is my project Relic Song. It's a note block project, and the song itself is just a nice, simple melody I enjoy. If you want to learn how to make note block projects, check the wiki article on it here.

What I do on the Wiki

On the wiki, I...

  • ...stalk Recent Changes, the Community Portal, and Kenny2scratch's talk page (don't ask).
  • ...spam "random page" until I find a grammatical error.
  • ...forget to put my signature on my posts. A lot.
  • ...fix everyone's indenting mistakes on talk pages secretly (shh :P).
  • ...use the word "though" at the end of almost every sentence without realizing it.

Pages I've Created on the Wiki

Note Note: Only mainspace articles that aren't redirects count.

Outside of Scratch

Outside of Scratch, I do a variety of things, such as...

  • ...play the piano. I play on my own time at home, learning songs from my favourite video games and some others. I know lots of music theory.
  • ...hide secrets from people IRL that everyone on the internet already knows.
  • ...randomly check the HTML of random websites in the hopes that I may learn something.
  • ...procrastinate (like I'm probably doing right now).