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This page can be used to disable WikiMonitor, a bot used to check recent changes. To do so, please change the text below to "false". Afterwards, you are REQUIRED to contact its owner, jvvg on his talk page to explain why. Disabling it should take effect within a few minutes.

This page has been protected so only Wikians can edit it. If you are a New Wikian and need to turn off WikiMonitor, please post on the Community Portal explaining why and another user will turn it off for you.

The ONLY acceptable reason to turn off WikiMonitor is if it is an emergency, meaning a large number of incorrect edits in quick succession. This does NOT mean one incorrect notification or any of the reasons detailed below. Turning off WikiMonitor in a non-emergency situation is vandalism.

!!! WARNING !!!

When turning off WikiMonitor, you are REQUIRED to leave a notification on jvvg's talk page explaining why. Otherwise, your edit will be considered vandalism.

The following are NOT acceptable reasons to turn off WikiMonitor:

  • You or someone else received an incorrect notification
  • You do not like receiving notifications
  • You are on the {{NoBots}} override list and received a notification
  • You are just playing around

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