Welcome to my userspace!

About me

Welcome to my userspace! I'm WaterGlider02, but you can call me Water. I've been on Scratch for 2 years, and am new to the Wiki. Any help will be greatly appreciated. :)

Disclaimer: New Wikian!

I'm still trying to figure everything out around here, so please be forgiving if I make a mistake. I won't mind if you change it. ;)

What I do on Scratch

I love to help out in various studios, share my writing, help with the community and sometimes ask for help myself. I was FPC #321 (yup, 321!). I am super excited to start helping out with the Wiki. I make various projects and am currently trying to make some more in-depth coded ones. I am quite active and spend most of my time working on projects, helping out in studios, or other things I find interesting. :)


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