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About We are a shop that will give you internets for currencies such as ShopBux.
How does it work? Fill out the order form, and you will get internets based off how much you paid.
Why should I work here? Working here allows you to quickly gain ShopBux with minimal effort.
Terms of Service:
  • Employee: Every time a customer orders, if they haven’t received all their internets yet, you may give them an internet and say so on the topic. You will be given 5 SSB/per internet. This shop will receive the remaining 5. Where it asks if you read the terms of service, put “No, should I read it?” to confirm that you read this.
  • Customer: Upon ordering from this shop, you are confirming that you have paid us and are ready to receive your internets. If you don’t actually pay us, you will be reported in the ShopBux topic and your account will be removed. If you give us a inaccurate link, you will be notified and you must give the correct link within 2 days or your or you will not be paid your internets. There is no money back or returns. We can only give an amount of internets equal or less than our amount of employees (including BoD), and if you order more than we can give it is your fault and you will not be repaid. Where it asks if you read the terms of service put “Yes, now give me an internet!”