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This Is My Domain
Yes, my name has a lowercase "t" on Scratch.
About Me
I live a simple life but sometimes I really strive for excitement. It really disappoints me that arcades are mostly a thing of the past. If it was the 1970's, I would be at an arcade every night, you can guarantee it! I would love to sail the seas, chill on a remote island's beach with a banana smoothie, run from king kong in a city while hiding in an underground laboratory. Perhaps I watch too much television and live in my own fantasy.

I'd call it something else: escapism. There are times I like to escape into my own virtual reality inside my mind; capture the essence of some beauty unobtainable in my current life. It's not that I dislike real life; I actually love life! I wouldn't call myself a day dreamer either. I'm a planner. I'm determined. I believe there is a way; somehow it is possible. My mind and body can find the solution. I just don't like a boring lifestyle. I want to travel the world, have fun experiences with people. All of this can be difficult, though I must uphold my esteem and be patient. Currently I am in college and am studying electrical and computer engineering. When I was introduced to Scratch in middle school it placed me on the pathway I trek in the present day. That's the stuff that gets boring, though. Nobody wants to hear about the same information handed out in formal smalltalk conversations with distant relatives and new acquaintances. Bumping the excitement level, I am a huge fgan of heavy metal music, and the theme I have on this profile is by the band Judas Priest. Heavy metal music can give me unbelievable pleasure and energy.

I am more of a night owl than an early bird. I go to the gym late at night to workout. I don't just go and lift weights, though; I struggle and I face challenges. I focus on training my mentality to push through boundaries, fight the sheer cries of my muscles to stop. Heavy metal music, frustration, happiness, and a whole ice cream swirl of emotions gets me through. Many times I have thought: "How am I going to top this one?" As I said before, it can be done, and I will do it. Sometimes failing, but if it aligns with my will, so be it.
My Skills
Arguably my best asset is my knowledge of the English language. I had a great teacher in middle school who drilled how to write well into my brain. I also had a fantastic professor in college who touched up on my explanation and research skills. Skillful writing is a good trait to have, even though I'm going into a science-related field. I believe articulating complex information in a simple manner is something I can achieve.

On the more technical side of things, I have minor programming skills. I can do HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP, though I will usually need a reference sheet for syntax help online. I used to own two websites, my most famous were Gwiddle and Floddle. Gwiddle was web hosting. Long story short, passwords got breached, I shut it down, someone else runs it now. Floddle was an online card game for kids. The forum topic still exists on Scratch.

On the hardware side of things, I am adept in computer power supply operations and theory. They are basically my "specialty". There are tons of misconceptions about computer power supplies, I try to rid the Internet of them. It's like the black plague. I have always been fascinated by them since they're the most overlooked component of the computer. And the industry is super corrupt. I used to also have a website about that...
On Scratch
I discovered Scratch in my eighth grade computer class. At the time I had no programming experience, but I caught on rapidly. I became hooked instantly. Shortly after, I created my account on this website sometime in December of 2011. It began with very basic projects and got to more complex ones. Sadly to day, Scratch did make me addicted to the computer. It was always the forums I was addicted to. In fact, once Scratch transitioned to 2.0, I ended up as the person with the most forum posts for quite some while. Surely someone has taken my place by now, and I'm not sure whether to wear that badge with pride or to hang my head in shame. Nonetheless, I know my way around an Internet forum and am quite familiar with everything Scratch-related.
My Projects
I usually take a lot of pride in the projects I make; hard work and time goes into them. Well, admittedly some I have whipped up in a couple of hours, but if I can sail rather than swim, I'll choose sailing.
Grass Simulator
Turkey3 Project1.png

Watch the grass sway in the wind! This just uses basic trigonometry and the pen to simulate grass. There are sliders for the wind to be adjusted, but it also changes by itself. This can be added to any project quite easily by throwing the sprite into the backpack, bringing it in, and clicking the green flag. This was an idea that hit me in the face just randomly.

Beat Master
Turkey3 Project2.png

This project was inspired by one of my favorite childhood games, Guitar Hero. There are seven songs to choose from, and the notes come down the screen as the song plays; the end user is required to hit the corresponding keys on the keyboard when the notes pass over the buttons. Basically, you play to the beat of a song!

Boulder Tower Defense Remastered
Turkey3 Project3.png

If any part of my reputation precedes me, it's probably my skill at making tower defense games. I created the original Boulder Tower Defense when Scratch 2.0 was still young; it utilized cloning, something that is almost a necessity for a proper tower defense game without crazy workarounds. The remastered version reduces lag and utilizes a new underlying methodology for hit detection and reliability.

Complex Pathfinder
Turkey3 Project4.png

I became curious with the logic of basic pathfinding, so I found this article on Wikipedia. It had a simple tutorial, I followed it, and boom! I created this pathfinder in Scratch. The black squares act as walls, and by clicking two grid coordinates the quickest path is drawn connecting them. It is fairly versatile and can be adapted to a number of programming applications.

Coconut Mayhem
Turkey3 Project5.png

Coconut Mayhem is the second of my vector animations I created. It was done by duplicating a costume and tweaking it slightly. Basically, two guys fight with a coconut, but the ony guy ends up being psychic and destroying the other guy. Dope! Spoiler alert. The beach has always appealed to me, so that's the theme I chose for this.

Settlers of Inland
Turkey3 Project6.png

I am really proud of this work, not because it was some major programming feat or anything, but it was a collaboration, and I worked with a lot of great people and the project got featured on the front page! As your ship crashes on an island, the settlers must find resources to build a settlement of their own. New structures can be unlocked and you get to watch them build in real-time.

Ground Zero
Turkey3 Project7.png

This is my only NFE project. You run around with a pistol shooting killer robots. Oh, and there is also an operable tank. It was inspired by the video game Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction and features music from it. The major difficulty came from Scratch being difficult when it comes to sprite going off the stage. This created problems with scrolling, but nonetheless the game is still enjoyable.

Artist 3.0
Turkey3 Project8.png

This is a paint editor I created. It began with Artist 1.0, then I majorly revamped everything in Artist 2.0. Artist 3.0 adds some extra advanced features, making it a very versatile paint editor for Scratch. It has a symmetry brush, spray paint, highlighters, crayons, built-in shapes, and other bizarre tools you won't find in your basic paint editor.

Dojo Master
Turkey3 Project9.png

Run around as a ninja dodging projectiles left to right, shoot fire out of your hands, and hone your skills as the king of dodging. What more could you ask for? This game was inspired by my adoration of ancient Japanese culture. It is a quick-to-play game that can kill some time. Getting a gold medal is quite difficult, I don't even think I have gotten one!