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Hello, I'm TheN64man! Welcome to my profile!

About Me

I am a Scratcher, and a Scratch Wiki member, and I also have a PlayStation Network account and more! I enjoy football, Gaming, and more! I look foward to looking at your Scratch Projects and chatting, so feel free to ask!

On Scratch

On Scratch I enjoy making scratch projects for people's enjoyment. I also really like to rate people's projects and help in every way I can! If i'm ever needed you can just go ahead and ask me!

Welcome to here!

This was indeed typed by TheN64man This is also my first edit, so it looks pretty empty, but that's alright! I am going to try and make this place amazing! I gotta get a new fridge for my frozen scratch pizzas first


I (TheN64man) joined the Wiki on April 11th 2016, to attempt making it a better place. I am looking forward to learning more about the wiki's tools for typing so I can improve it by a long-shot! I found Scratch Wiki originally when I was stuck on a project, later to become a member of the wiki itself. I originally joined Scratch June 3rd, 2015 and went up from there. I create Mario games on Scratch, but I am soon going to be making 3D MINECRAFT ANIMATIONS! That's right, FULL 3D ON SCRATCH!


I have been in a lot of things, so a quick google search of my username will find at least 2 or 3 things, for some reason depending on if you are using a computer or a Chromebook. I am more known for my PSN account started nearly 2 years ago.

Pages I've made

Click Here to go to the page I created! don't take all credit! Only for anything you add!

Check out this cool Category I made! It can be found here. it was deleted... aww...

Check out my Article on ScratchCation! This an be found here! Just remember the credit thing.

64 News

who needs news when you have eyes? Go look, something may have changed somewhere.