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Hello, my fellow comrade and welcome to my user page on the Wiki. Thanks for visiting me on this glorious day. If you need to talk to me about any situation, the link is above. And now for a brief text about me.


I'm simply a Russian-American in high school that happens to have a Scratch Wiki account. I'm interested in science, especially astronomy and chemistry. I'm also introverted and mildly autistic.

I'm fluent in English and can get by in Russian. My grammar is not exactly the best, but it is somewhat coherent and I can make myself understood most of the time. Other than the foreign languages that I took in school (Spanish and Japanese), I know no other foreign languages. I can only communicate efficiently in English and Russian.

I am open to all ideas, and I embrace diversity and variety. If you have a better way to do anything from conflict resolution to tying shoelaces, I'll definitely consider it as an alternative means.

I'm fairly active on the wiki, and although I go through inactive periods from time to time, I always check to see what is happening on the Wiki and considering if I need to give my own opinion on a situation. Also, editing.

If you need any sort of help from me, don't hesitate to ask me on my talk page. Link is above. Scratch On and I hope that you are satisfied by your experience here on the Scratch Wiki.