What Am I Looking At?

By coming here, you'd expect to know who I am, but for those who scrolled through the latest edits, hi. I am TheAdriCoolManDude, one of Scratch's weirdest users, who just manages to make a bunch of random projects. I hope that gives you enough info.

Why Are You On This Wiki

I saw a bunch of articles that needed improving, so after a million times asking people for a Scratch Wiki account, I finally managed to make one. And I am currently still editing articles and helping out in the Scratch Wiki :)

What Else Do I Need To Know About You?

1. I am a kid.

2. I am male.

3. I am not a famous Scratcher.

4. I tend to like to be in collabs.

5. I'm active on the Scratch forums, not the Scratch Wiki Forums.

6. I make low-effort projects.

7. I like the number 7.

9. I skipped 5.

10. You didn't check back, but you remember me skipping 8.

11. And I did.

12. I live in America Antarctica.

13. Hope that's enough [Oh my goodness, I'm so unlucky, I got 13 :( ]

What should I not do?


when gf clicked

define block

Quotes by Me

Don't forget, to put on your underwear!

Luck doesn't exist, giving up does.

Growing up only changes you being a kid, it doesn't change you being a kid-at-heart.

Somethings aren't supposed to be realistic, such as your imagination

Some jokes, can't be funny, because it is more insult than joke.

Only be yourself if you aren't mean, if you are mean, turn kind before being yourself.

Some letters have more importance than you think, such as Q and X.

You might wanna do things, but they might not end up right.

Links You Might Want To See

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