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This pastes a special template on the targeted user's talk page to let them know that you replied. Just enter in the page, and click the button below!


Current Version

This is the version used now on User:TenType/Re implemented on June 19th, 2019 (PST):

Speech bubble.png Hello there!

This is just a friendly notification that I replied to your post here:
[{{{1}}} {{{1}}}]

If you would not like to receive this in the future, please indicate that in your next post or talk page.
You've got mail!

Outdated Version

Before User:TenType/Re, this page used to be the template with all the code. Some old pages that have {{User:TenType/Reply}} on it would break without this below, so I had to implement an "outdated" version of my current one:

Hello there!
You've got mail! I replied to your post here: [{{{1}}} {{{1}}}]
This notification is outdated. Please switch the code with{{User:TenType/Re}} for the current version.

Please don't use {{User:TenType/Reply}} nowadays.