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This is an informational page containing a list of files that are currently deleted on the Scratch Wiki using the deletion log. It only shows the most recent information about a deleted file (for example, if it was deleted twice somehow, it will show the information (like the comment left behind) that was in the latest deletion), and does not include File talk pages. It is mainly based off of this page.

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Note Note: This list is based off of what I (and normal contributors) can find, and may not be entirely accurate due to revisions or logs being deleted.

Clock.png Info: This page currently contains all deleted files in the year 2017 and later.

The Summit


Legend of Indications
  • U — Uploader request
  • X — Unused file
  • D — Duplicate of another file
  • R — Was an unneeded redirect
  • O — Was only used outside of the Wiki
Name Description Comment Date (UTC)

A <<Back to the Top>>

File:AfterNetwork.png (Unknown reason) [contribute 1] "how the heck" June 2019
File:Apple502j Extension.png U "Uploader request" May 2019
File:Asqwde.png U "Uploader request" April 2018
File:Asqwde.gif U "Uploader request" April 2018
File:Anime angelina.jpg X "not used" February 2018
File:Anfreaka.png X "not used" February 2018
File:Anfreaka should be a meme.png X "not used" February 2018
File:AMD Scratch.PNG X "not used" February 2018
File:AJanik pic.png X "not used" February 2018
File:ApplicationCASStudios.png U (No comment) November 2017

B <<Back to the Top>>

File:Banlistex.PNG X "Unused file" April 2019
File:Blockshade.png X "Unused file" August 2018
File:Block-hand.png R "Unneeded redirect: content was: "#REDIRECT File:Block user.png", and the only contributor was "CrazyBoy826" (talk)" June 2018
File:Block user.png X "Unused file" June 2018
File:Bts.gif X "not used" February 2018
File:Bob1171's-logo.png X "not used" February 2018
File:Bluemyoc.png X "not used" February 2018
File:Banner03.png X "not used" February 2018
File:Banner01.png X "not used" February 2018
File:Banner0.png X "not used" February 2018
File:Bigpuppy banner.png U "Uploader request" September 2017
File:Bigpuppylogo.gif U "Uploader request" September 2017

C <<Back to the Top>>

File:CodeBux.png U "Uploader request" August 2019
File:Change x by 10.svg U "Uploader request: you are making a lot of mess, please plan things like this in the future and maybe even ask about them" July 2019
File:Change y by 10.svg U "Uploader request" July 2019
File:Captu6re.PNG R "Unneeded redirect: content was: "#REDIRECT File:3.0 ofline editor file menu.PNG", and the only contributor was "Ideapad-320" (talk)" May 2019
File:Calculatorlogo.png X "Unused file: I got the idea to look at Category:Pages in Need of Deletion from Scratch Wiki talk:Community Portal#A feature to be able to delete pages in your own userspace[dead link] (specifically, Kenny2scratch's post)" August 2018
File:Coming Soon....PNG X "Unused file" July 2018
File:Cat1.jpg X "Unused file" July 2018
File:Cinderella Transformation.gif X "Unused file" June 2018
File:Customhacker Logo2.png X "not used" February 2018
File:Community Cookies screenshot.png X "not used" February 2018
File:Chemanswer.PNG X "not used" February 2018
File:Christmas Profile Pic.PNG D "Duplicated file: File:Lillion Profile Picture.PNG" December 2017
File:CAS Studios.png U (No comment) November 2017
File:Counter variable script.png U "Uploader request" August 2017

D <<Back to the Top>>

File:Direction.svg U "Uploader request" July 2019
File:Don't Let Them In! Banner.png OX "Unused file: I'm deleting this immediately as it's pretty clear you're using the Wiki as an image hosting site" October 2018
File:DragonWing07 Logo Animation.gif X "Unused file: (not being able to log in doesn't excuse it, they can still tell us via Scratch comments" August 2018
File:Delete This File Please.PNG U "Uploader request" January 2017

E <<Back to the Top>>

File:ExampleOtherLanguageBBCode.png Not Useful "Not useful: we have syntaxhighlight here too" September 2019
File:Editing Audio.png D — Duplicate of File:3.0 Sound Editor.png "Duplicated file" August 2019
File:Example GIF.gif R — Redirected to File:Popular GIF.gif "no file redirects pls" June 2019
File:Ember newlogo.png X "Unused file: why?" June 2019
File:External link.png X "not used" February 2018
File:Edit-pencil.png X "not used" February 2018

F <<Back to the Top>>

File:Flame2957.png X "not used" February 2018

G <<Back to the Top>>

File:Galaxy.jpeg X "Unused file" September 2018
File:Goldlock.png X "Unused file" September 2018
File:Greylock.png X "Unused file" September 2018
File:Github.png X "Unused file" July 2018
File:GIF.gif D(Duplicated file of what?)[contribute 1] "Duplicated file: Really? two duplicates?" July 2018

H <<Back to the Top>>

File:Hektor LGBT Pose.png X "not used" February 2018
File:Hehtor.png X "not used" February 2018
File:HTML Sandbox picture.png X "not used" February 2018
File:Horse.jpg X "not used" February 2018

I <<Back to the Top>>

File:Invitepopup.png X "Unused file: I kind of feel bad removing these pictures, but they weren't used... If you'd like your image to be kept, please use it somewhere." August 2018
File:Invitebetazoomed.PNG X "Unused file" August 2018
File:Information-template.png X "Unused file" June 2018
File:Idea1.png X "Unused file" March 2018
File:India lovelace info.png X "not used" February 2018
File:IsOnlineV2 friends page.png Advertised browser extensions, which are no longer allowed shown in this topic (No comment) January 2018
File:Indexes.jpg D "Duplicated file: File:Indexes.png" December 2017

J <<Back to the Top>>

No deleted files in this category!

K <<Back to the Top>>

File:KJRYoshi07 Golf Ball Logo.png X "Unused file: I got the idea to check the deletion category from here :P" August 2018
File:Kyleple-logo.png X "not used" February 2018

L <<Back to the Top>>

File:Level 1-1.png O "this looks like it's here because the uploader thinks the wiki is an image hosting site" June 2019
File:Large secretbullet.png X "Unused file" March 2019
File:Leapinls NEW wiki logo.jpg U "Uploader request" January 2019
File:Logo idrisidris transparent.png X "not used" February 2018
File:LUNA LICKY!!!!!!!!!!-(Ziggy741).gif U "Uploader request" January 2017

M <<Back to the Top>>

File:Medieval.png X "Unused file" March 2019
File:Map-block.png D "Duplicated file: duplicate (purpose) of File:Map-block.png" December 2018
File:My OC Gelly on a backdrop of stars.jpg X "Unused file" July 2018
File:Millie S.png U "Uploader request" July 2018
File:Mrmario5467son.jpg X "not used" February 2018
File:Mewtaylor.PNG Somehow got recreated after deletion "there isn't actually a file here (the deletion log tells me there was one previously, let me know if you want it back)" June 2017
File:Mara.JPG U "Uploader request" March 2017

N <<Back to the Top>>

File:New Sprite Buttons 3.png D "Duplicated file: of File:3.0 New Sprite Button.PNG" April 2019
File:Nav-search-glass.png U "never mind, what I was going to use it for failed" July 2018
File:Navy Logo for KJRYoshi07.png U "Uploader request" May 2018

O <<Back to the Top>>

No deleted files in this category!

P <<Back to the Top>>

File:Progress bar.PNG X "Unused file: very late" May 2019
File:Page bottom.png U "Uploader request" March 2019
File:PictureForSweetLemonade.png O "the Wiki is not a file-hosting service" February 2019
File:Piai banner.png X "Unused file" January 2019
File:Paint editor fonts (1) 2.0.png D — Duplicate of File:Paint editor fonts 2.0.png "Duplicated file" January 2019
File:Pia's Banner No file format "wow" December 2018
File:PowerRangers Taco hats.gif X "Unused file: Sorry." August 2018
File:Power Rangers shrug.gif X "Unused file: Sorry... If you'd like to keep your images, please use them somewhere." August 2018
File:Puffin.jpg D — Duplicate of File:Puffin.png "use File:Puffin.png instead" December 2017

Q <<Back to the Top>>

No deleted files in this category!

R <<Back to the Top>>

File:Resistor.png X "Unused file" March 2018
File:Rainbow132 Banner.png X "not used" February 2018
File:Rumanti.png X "not used" February 2018
File:Rainbow132 Profile Banner.PNG X "not used" February 2018
File:Rainbow1241.png X "not used" February 2018
File:Rainbow12401.png X "not used" February 2018
File:Rainbow124.png X "not used" February 2018

S <<Back to the Top>>

File:Scratchblocks.png X "Unused file" March 2019
File:Scratch3 maintanence mode.png R — Redirected to File:Current Maintenance Page.png[contribute 2] "no file redirects" January 2019
File:Squrrelflight.png The file was moved to a new name, but at the same time a bot uploaded a new version of the old name, causing two of the same files with different names. "you moved the file in between when my bot saw the file and when it uploaded a "new version"" November 2018
File:Scratch Website Trouble.png U "Uploader request" October 2018
File:Scratch3Comment.png X "Unused file" August 2018
File:Scratch 3.0 Sound Editor.png R — Redirected after moved to File:3.0 Sound Editor.png "Unneeded redirect: content was: "{{delete|Forgot to not leave redirect behind when moving}}", and the only contributor was "CrazyBoy826" (talk)" August 2018
File:Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 3.42.25 PM.png D(Duplicated file of what?)[contribute 1] "Duplicated file" August 2018
File:Srevilo animatedLogo.gif X "Unused file" July 2018
File:ScratchHeaderJuly5.PNG R(Redirected to where?)[contribute 1] "Unneeded redirect: content was: "{{delete|This redirect was temporary, just used for about five minutes during a file move. The new one is at :File:Scrat...", and the only contributor was "CrazyBoy826" ([[User talk..." July 2018
File:Scratch cat vector.png D(Duplicated file of which version of Scratch Cat?)[contribute 1] "Duplicated file" June 2018
File:Smileeee.png R "Unneeded redirect: content was: "#REDIRECT File:Old User Icon.png", and the only contributor was "Krett12" (talk)" June 2018
File:Scratch-messages.png D "Duplicated file: duplicate of File:Messages Page.PNG" June 2018
File:Scratch-online-editor.png D "Duplicated file: File:Scratch Layout.png" June 2018
File:Suprise.png UD — Duplicate of File:Surprise.png "Uploader request: ah, didn't realize it was a duplicate" May 2018
File:Scratch 3.0 logo.png X "Unused file" April 2018
File:SoloOS svg python megapixel spaceshop.zip U "Uploader request" March 2018
File:ScratchMIT2014 Breakfast.png Not useful "Not useful: it's breaking things and it doesn't really serve any purpose" February 2018
File:ShopReviewShopBanner.png X "not used" February 2018
File:StudioSpotlight102.png X "not used" February 2018
File:Spooks.png X "not used" February 2018
File:SPDBanner.png X "not used" February 2018
File:Sketchss.png X "not used" February 2018
File:Screenshot 2018-02-05 07.42.35.png X "not used" February 2018
File:ScratchBlocks.png X "not used" February 2018
File:IsOnline stauts chooser.png Advertised browser extensions, which are no longer allowed shown in this topic "ST policy on extensions" December 2017
File:Senorsaturno.zip U "Uploader request" September 2017
File:Scratch Awards Forum.png X "Unused file: Page it was used on is now gone" February 2017
File:Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 4.19.35 PM.png U "Uploader request" January 2017
File:Strangealert.PNG U "Uploader request" January 2017

T <<Back to the Top>>

File:Testy test.svg U "Uploader request" March 2019
File:The "Explore" Tab.png D — Duplicate of File:Explore Tabs.PNG [contribute 2] "Duplicated file" November 2018
File:Test SVG file.svg Was used for testing "test done, it works" October 2018
File:TheEnhancedText Get Code.png X "Unused file: I got the idea to check the deletion category from here :P" August 2018
File:TheEnhancedText Come Again.gif X "Unused file: I got the idea to check the deletion category from here :P" August 2018
File:Two adult Guinea Pigs (Cavia porcellus).jpg X "not used" February 2018
File:Turkey3 Welcome Background Thin.jpg X "not used" February 2018
File:TinyMClovers 3.png X "not used" February 2018
File:The scratch voice.png X "not used" February 2018
File:Toe.jpg U "content was: "{{delete}}"" February 2018
File:Turkey3 Project1.jpg U "Uploader request" June 2017
File:Turkey3 Welcome Background2.jpg U "Uploader request" June 2017
File:Troll blaze.zip U "Uploader request" February 2017

U <<Back to the Top>>

No deleted files in this category!

V <<Back to the Top>>

File:Viridian the hedgehog.gif X "not used" February 2018

W <<Back to the Top>>

File:Wafflestores.png O "the Wiki is not a file-hosting service" February 2019
File:WolfCat67 Profile Picture.png U "Uploader request" November 2018
File:Wikinavbar.PNG D — Duplicate of File:Wikinavigationbar.PNG "Duplicated file: Please upload a new version of a file rather than uploading a new, separate file" May 2018
File:Webp.net-gifmaker(2).gif R "Unneeded redirect: content was: "#REDIRECT File:Asqwde.gif", and the only contributor was "Apple502j" (talk)" April 2018
File:Wagon.jpg X "not used" February 2018
File:Waffleon.png X "not used" February 2018

X <<Back to the Top>>

No deleted files in this category!

Y <<Back to the Top>>

No deleted files in this category!

Z <<Back to the Top>>

File:Ziggy741 Icon.png X "not used" February 2018
File:ZeldaTransformed.png X "not used" February 2018

Other <<Back to the Top>>

File:3.0 Next Costume.PNG Not Useful "we use scratchblocks for block templates now" June 2019
File:3.0projecteditor.JPG D — Duplicate of File:Scratch 3.0 Program.png Duplicated file: #2 June 2019
File:3.0projecteditor.PNG D "Duplicated file: of File:Scratch 3.0 Program.png" June 2019
File:051909 MIT Hack Apollo 10 Snoopy.jpg R "Unneeded redirect: content was: "#REDIRECT File:Apollo 10 Birthday.jpg", and the only contributor was "Jammum" (talk)" March 2019
File:(temp).png U "Uploader request: hm" December 2018
File:12944qwerty Logo.jpg U "Uploader request" December 2018
File:2.0 Set Pen Color to () (color).png D "wait this is now a duplicate of File:2.0 Set Pen Color to () (color picker).png" April 2018
File:67EAFAD4-8D7C-4A84-AA0D-66224345A7EE.png R "Unneeded redirect: no file redirects pls. Content was: "#REDIRECT File:Balloon Flight.png", and the only contributor was "78ch3" (talk)" February 2018
File:-Anvard-.png X "not used" February 2018
File:7SnailsLogo1.png X "not used" February 2018
File:-Lillion- Curent Profile Picture.PNG X "not used" February 2018
File:290Scratcher Banner.png (Unknown reason) (No comment) November 2017
File:149875534110618.png U "Uploader request" June 2017

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