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Hello there! I'm TenType!

Username TenType
Scratch Join Date March 31st, 2018 22:23 (UTC)
Scratch Wiki Join Date March 17th, 2019 18:10 (UTC)
Residence California, USA
Timezone PST (UTC-8)
Contributions 557
  • TT (only use this if I know that you aren't talking about Thankful Thursday)
  • TNT (only use this if I can tell that you aren't talkng about real explosives)
Status Yes Active
It's me, TenType

In a Nutshell

I am a male Scratcher who loves to edit on the Scratch Wiki. I currently live in California, USA, and hold Wikian status.

My age on the Wiki is a WikiAdult, and I'm these variants of WikiFauna:

I guess I could also sort of be considered a WikiKnight, kind of a WikiPuma, and if you look at me as a hero, than you could consider me a WikiGryphon. Also technically since I have more than one trait of WikiFauna, I'm a WikiPlatypus.

Contact Me

Leave a comment on my profile, my talk page if you are a Wikian, or email me if you have somehow uncovered my email address and you're a stalker (I probably won't reply back to you if you don't note that you come from the Scratch Wiki)

Random Facts

  • I am right-handed
  • My dream job is to be an experienced programmer, a moderator, or an animator
  • I can speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, some French, and all of Pig Latin.
  • I can read English, some French, Gibberish, and all of Pig Latin.
  • I read more books than you probably think
  • I also watch Youtube more that you probably think
  • I am a huge donut and ramen critic
  • I know 51 digits of pi by heart so far
  • I play the violin
  • I am a really fast runner
  • I am a huge fan of tower defense games
  • Favorite Things:
    • Color: Teal
    • Animal: Komodo Dragon
    • Food: Donuts [1]
    • Number: π
    • Sport: Soccer
    • Drink: Boba Milk Tea, definitely
    • Game: Idk, it depends
    • Soundtrack (no singing): Ason ID - Xander [2]
    • Programming Language: Python
  • Games I play:
    • Minecraft: Often play on servers or on Creative Mode, and specialize in commands and Minecraft facts that are barely known (Really, test me)
    • Bloons TD Battles: I usually go late game and use the ninja, apprentice, or the spike factory
    • My best kill streak was 10, highest ranked was #1, and gotten the Super Weapon 5 times so far
    • My favorite tank type is the Scout, I usually stay back and plant mines or barrage enemies with Air Strafe
    • I play domination mode a lot and often use the Ranger
    • My best score was 19,000+, ranking 6th in the North America server
    • Lego City Undercover: Finished the main quest, unlocked almost every achievement and costume

On the Wiki

I've been on the Scratch Wiki with the account TenType since March 18th, 2019 right when I found out about it. I immediately got hooked into the Scratch Wiki when I decided to create an account after hearing about it on Scratch, and found it amazing. Now you may see me active almost every day, editing pages and such. I currently have Wikian status and have attained 557 edits.[3]

What I do

What I've done

  • Clicked Random Page, got to the Moderation page, clicked Random Page again, and ended up on the same page. What are the odds of that? (Psst, its 1 in 1,435, just found out) Leave a message on my talk page if that has happened to you before.
  • Nominated for the June 2019 elections but didn't get picked to become a candidate. :(
  • Made my humongous deleted files page, which took SO LONG.
  • Became the most active user on the Wiki.
  • Scored 1042 on the Wikipediholic Test! (Either I'm saintly or I have a lot of edits :P) [4]
  • And many other things!


Feel bored of editing? Play some of my made-up games on the Wiki!

Edit Milestones

On Scratch

I have been on Scratch since March 31st, 2018 with my old account AwesomeSauce2007 for nearly 6 months before I switched to my current account TenType on September 8th, 2018 where I now create projects on. My alt account is TenHype and one of my collab accounts that I created is BananaTeam2013 where my real life friends make projects on. I got hooked into Scratch when my class was playing around with Scratch in computer class one day. I found coding to be inspiring, and that led to me learning Python, JavaScript, and other programming languages. Today I create simulations, showcases, cloud projects, music, and games, but rarely remix. I occasionally view Featured Projects and check out the trending ones, or just play around with Scratch. Also, I rarely post on the Forums.

What I do

  • Create projects that I like
  • View Featured Projects and explore trending/popular ones
  • Love projects if they inspire or appeal to me, favorite projects if they are one of the best I've seen (I rarely favorite projects)
  • Occasionally comment on projects or studios
  • Check out Scratch News
  • Rarely remix
  • Test stuff on unshared projects or on my alt


Note Note: See a part of the stats that are incorrect or need updating? Don't hesitate to notify or contact me! [5]

  • Shared Projects: 8
  • Curated Studios: 4
  • Owned Studios: 2
  • Followers: 6 (sigh)

Outside the Wiki and Scratch

Apart from Scratch and the Wiki, I, of course, do other things in my life.

What I do

  • Learn some new things about programming
  • Read a lot of books
  • Deal with life (so far so good)
  • Deal with school (not too bad)
  • Play the violin
  • Chat with my friends on Google Hangouts and Gmail
  • Program a few bots with code
  • Experiment with Tower Defense games

What I have done

  • Recieved award for #1 fastest runner in the Jog-a-thon in my whole 2nd grade
  • Recieved 1st place medal for #1 fastest runner in the Jog-a-thon in my entire school in 3rd grade
  • Earned Leadership awards in 1st, 2nd, and 4th grade
  • Won a "Best French Speaker" award in 5th grade
  • Won #1 active Duolingo user in 5th grade [6]
  • Was 1st in English for my 6th Grade
  • Recieved a "High Honour Roll" medal for 6th grade
  • Scored in the 95th percentile for the SATs (mind-blowing!)

Favorite Quotes

i want to vandalize pages and ruin this wiki

o btw folow me o also go to 2 git free muneeeeeee
and i red S:CONTRIB so acept my requets pls

– Unknown account request reviewed by jvvg

Special Thanks

  • Kenny2scratch for accepting me into the Scratch Wiki and for lots of help!

Extra Extra

  1. My 2nd favorite type of food is Tonkatsu Ramen
  2. I don't know why I like this soundtrack so much, it just brings nostalgic memories
  3. Edits may be inaccurate due to a known bug
  4. As of July 8th, 2019 PST
  5. As of July 8th, 2019 PST
  6. My highest Duolingo streak was 108 days! I currently have 9000+ all time XP.