Hello! I am tarekzaki! Welcome to my profile!

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Hello, I am tarekzaki. It seems you found me. . .

About me

Chez Wizard

I am the editor responsible for putting the Chez Trend on this wiki.

The Chez Wizard was a trend that started in September 2018. People would tell you that you were cursed by the Chez wizard, and then you have to change your profile picture to cheese. Then you have to say the same thing to people you look up to. The trend was started by ChezWizard on scratch. Unfortunately, people reported the comments, seeing them as Spam, so ChezWizard created a studio, and if you commented on it, ChezWizard would "curse" you with Chez.

Things to be excited about!

  • Scratch Con 2019, which I am a featured scratcher in
  • Multiple Maps
  • The Game Development Contest
  • 16cmack's contest
  • Kittenlikesfood's animation contest
  • The release of my new game, "3d Builder." Beta-Test it here: https://beta.scratch.mit.edu/#260907852

Cool Stuff