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Welcome to my wiki profile! Click here to go to my normal Scratch profile. This is a short profile right now, but I will add more to it soon.

What I like to do

I like most sports. I like playing Super Mario Odyssey.

My Studios

Glitched Games

Would You Rather?

Multiplayer Games

Lego WeDo

Roblox Remixes



My Favorite Projects (that I made or remixed!)

Super Mario Bros. Blue Theme

Hill Climb Racing

Paper Minecraft (most scripts!)

Top Two Creators I Like



Fake Scripts I want to Show!

when green flag clicked
if <(say [Party!] :: stack :: looks) block run :: color :: sensing> then
Party :: color :: control

when [I get a comment on profile v] :: hat :: operators
set [comment v] to (Last Comment Posted :: color :: operators)
if <(comment) = (☁ good comment :: color :: operators)> then
be [happy v] :: color :: control
be [sad v] :: color :: sensing

Real, very Uncomplicated Scripts I want to Show!

when green flag clicked
say [The green flag was clicked.]

when this sprite clicked // add this to the cat or dog sprite
say [Thanks for petting me!]


Thank you for visiting my profile! Hope you have a good day Scratching!
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