Who I am

With my love of Harry Potter

I am a Gryffindor. I have found out that I am more similar to Daniel Radcliffe than Harry Potter. I check Pottermore every now and again for new articles. My current favorite article in Pottermore (out of those I viewed, I haven't seen all of them) is How to be a terrible father with Lucius Malfoy. (Not that I'm a terrible father.)

With my skills

Moderate design (Fun fact: I use PowerPoint for most of the designing work I do, including my Scratch profile picture.) Minimum wiki formatting (My contributions have mostly been updating outdated information, formalising language, and fixing grammar/spelling errors. I don't help with formatting or the page would be a slimy mess.)

What I do

In my free time

Making Scratch projects, or posting in the Scratch forum or replying to a Scratch comment.