Hi I'm StealthGus, I recently joined scratch in about eh marchish on my old account Deathshark I then changed to StealthGus which I'm using now. I invited kids at my school to join scratch but only one of them accepted and he is now icee1311. I have since then talked to him at school and helped with his questions. PcGamesBeta also my friend has told me more and more about scratch everyday. I am aware that he might be leaving scratch but still I have no idea. I didn't use scratch that much on my old account but now I have on this account. I am currently making a game called StealthI have since been working on it but I have been busy and was not able to release it on time I said that I will be releasing it in early to mid June. I have now been recognized by my friend icee1311 that I have been helping him. Those of you who watch the TV show called Psych that is where I have gotten my name StealthGus since at my school I have been called Gus a number of times I decided to become StealthGus do to the episode The Polarizing Express. Scratch is an outstanding program and I hope it grows everyday.
StealthGus (talk | contribs) 00:18, 25 May 2011 (UTC)StealthGus