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Welcome To My Profile!

Hi everybody! Welcome to my talk page! Please be polite, and kind! Thanks! --Explosion--. Also, feel free to check out my main account here, over there I have around 1.6k followers, I like making platformers, playing guitar and coding! Here are the articles that I have made:

And the ones I re-made or added onto significantly:

  • Check out some of my projects such as:

About Me:

  • I like to code physics, pen and platformers on scratch, I also know Python and play guitar.
  • My scratch profile can be found here
  • I have gotten 1st, 3rd, 5th (x2) and 10th (x3) on trending
  • I have been top loved 7 times and top remixed 4 times.
  • I have over 13000 loves on my account.
  • I am a wiki editor, forum helper and regular scratcher!