Hello! I'm SonicMasterSystem, aka Beck! This page will be updated a lot, so stay tuned. Here's some facts about me... I'm from Missouri. I own three stickies in the forums, so I'm a pretty cool person. ;)

  • I joined Scratch in September of 2016
  • I joined ROBLOX in October of 2013
  • I've been on ROBLOX for four years now! (Check me out here)
  • I also collect comics and games. (I've checked, and my comic collection would be worth around $2500-$3000!)
  • My favorite game series is Sonic the Hedgehog
  • I really enjoy Back to the Future!
  • I also like browsing reddit (especially /r/mildlyinteresting
  • My favorite restaurant is Jazzy B's (a restaurant in my area)
  • I love those spicy memes
  • I love biking to QuikTrip, because of their pretzels
  • Schlotzsky's is really good. You should try it
  • Zoombaka

I own Sonic Saturn, so the Sonic Saturn page will begin below.