What I'm Interested In

I'm a programmer who understands most programming concepts. I'm very interested in Remote_Sensors_Protocol and am planning on figuring it out for Pascal and Bizarre. You can find me on SourceForge here.

How Scratch Has Helped Me

Scratch is a great program, it gave me the basic knowledge of how to do many things. Scratch is a great high level and advanced programming language. I've found it very helpful in testing new ideas and even just playing around as it's very easy to whip something up in the RAD environment. It also introduces Object Oriented Programming very nicely!

Why I'm Here

I'm here to help edit and create pages for this wiki. I believe that I can be a great help as I have a fairly solid understanding of most programming concepts and I am ready to try new things all the time! (I'm really new to any wiki editing so don't go too hard on me :P)

Projects I'm Working On

Coders' Shed: A collaberation between Scimonster, ProgrammingFreak, and me. It's a Programmers forum that is designed to be learner friendly.

Bizarre: An easy to use and learn scripting language that I started developing.

Transposer: A program that transposes chords from any key to any key.

Small Projects: A collection of useful small projects that don't deserve a full repository as they are only a few lines of code.

Programming/Scripting Languages I Know

I'm learning more :P

Other Links

Please visit my talk page and send my a note, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, don't forget to view my scratch projects as you may find them interesting(or just plain boring). Don't forget to check out Coders' Shed, a collaboration by Scimonster, ProgrammingFreak, and me.

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