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Tool Bar Update


July 5, 2017, the Scratch Team made a change to the Scratch website. The change was that the Scratch Discussion Forums was moved to the bottom of the website, under Community. Also, the Help bar was replaced with the Tips bar.


The Scratch Team has made the change due to the size of the search bar.

We replaced the “Help” button with a “Tips” button, which will lead you to the new Tips page mentioned above. We believe this will help newcomers discover and use our new Scratch activities. We have also removed the “Discuss” button from the navigation menu. We made this decision based on usage (how often it was clicked) and to give emphasis to the other menu options like “Create” and “Explore."
                                         -dietbacon, Scratch Team at MIT
This decision was also made in part because the navigation menu is translated into many other languages, and in some of those languages there was just too much text to fit in the space. ”
                                         -dietbacon, Scratch Team at MIT

Scratcher's Reaction

Scratchers have added the hashtag to their Forum Signatures, have been following the studio, inviting their Followers and Friends to the studio, adding projects, and signing a petition, which currently has 46 of 100 supporters.

Bring It Back

yzyzyz created a studio titled: #Bring_it_back. The studio was created because the Scratcher did not agree with the changes. Since then, the studio has gained 500+ supporters, 537 followers, 64 projects, and 2749 comments.


One Scratcher has created a hack that sets the Discuss button back on your screen. On the Scratch Wiki the Scratch Bar remains the same and hasn't yet been updated.


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