Hello there!

I'm Scratchifier.

This is my user page.

I refuse to provide you with any new information.

I am not lying.

You are reading my user page.

You probably are thinking that I have absolutely nothing to put here.

If you are thinking that, you are most likely correct.

Are we done with this boring stuff yet?

Yes and no.


Because I might have some interesting stuff to say!

Why not

Because I could be lying, you are connected to the internet, btw.

The internet is a place where websites are.

Websites include Scratch.

Scratch has a wiki, called the Scratch wiki.

The wiki that is called the Scratch wiki is a wiki with information.

Information, that sadly, includes Scratchifier's user page.

Could it be true?

Could it be true, true that Scratchifier has no clue?

Could it be true, that the no clue of Scratchifier has a cold color of blue?

Could it be true, true that the blue no-clue of Scratchifier is...

Veryverydumb. Yes, it is true.

Could it be false?

No, because no rhymes of false come by impulse.

Why is Scratchifier such a liar, then?

Because it's false, silly!

Are we there yet?

Nope. We'll get there when we get there.

Are you sure?

Yes. I hardly expect a flat tire.

What do you like to do on the Scratch wiki, Scratchifier?

Edit things and do stuff.

I mean, really!! xD

I already told you!


I believe you mean seriously. Oh yes, that is what I do. I edit grammar stuffs and add things like clarification stuff because I prefer double stuff Oreos over single stuff Oreos and I don't like Oreos any more anyway.

Yay, does that mean I finally got your answer?


Why not?

Because I like prolonging things.

Why is this?

Because obvious answers are boring. I mean, um, wait, that's not a statement that will keep me on the wiki for very long. Neither is lying. I lied about lying. Don't worry, I don't lie on real wiki pages. But this one...

What about this one?


New section

Becuz I have powers too!

Why am I writing this anymore?


So, yeah

Wasn't that supposed to be a regular title?




Shame. Non-filled sections. I really don't like those






Enough of this.

Now that you totally believe me, here's a bit about myself

Hello there! I am Scratchifier, a user who likes to spend most of his spare time on Scratch. Although I am not as active as I used to be, I am still more active then the average user, which really says something about my habits. xD I joined the wiki because I love writing and I noticed a few typos, grammar mistakes, and could-be added sections while reading the wiki. I am homeschooled, Christian, and a potato all the way.


Is there more?

Of course not! Why would there be more?

Because I like disproving things?

Because um...

Or is this whole page a joke?

Uh, of course it isn't! Why would you even think to think to think about it possibly possibly being a sort of a type of a joke? xDDDDDDDDDD

My history

I started out as a cat artist who loved to replace projects in studios with the proper elements. Then, I decided that programming was my thing and I wrote a recursive lambda sine function to calculate pi to three bajillion digits, after making sure that Scratch was the best platform for such a project. When my computer froze up, I got momentarily angry with my computer for seven years and became a professional hedge trimmer. However, I later found a bigger computer stored inside of a hedge and I've been programming my currently shared Scratch projects ever since that moment. I have found that it is particularly useful to use a minimum of forty two variable blocks in my projects, because if I don't, myself becomes mad at myself of myself self. I am also an information tightwad, so you can be assured that this whole history paragraph is a lie and also I am 23 years of age.

And why are you still reading

Explanation one

Because my page is getting worse written stuff.

Explanation two

Because I am somehow amusing you.

Explanation three

Broadcast Explanation three

Recursive loops are not tasty

Oh well.