Welcome! This is SSBBM's page. (You would have never figured that out.)

On Scratch

I join this awesome place in late 2009. I found out about it from school.


Fraidy Cat

Fraidy Cat was my first game I posted online. You play as a cat that tries to run away from things like a line, mouse, or ghost. A sequel and a multilayer version was made.

Scratch the Cat Sprites

I've made a lot of Scratch the Cat edits, costumes, sprite, or whatever you want to call them. My best project with these is this. I also made a gallery for them.

Mario Game

Mario Game is one of my most popular projects. You play as Mario trying to stay alive.


Epic Boss Battles - Mario and Sonic is my best, most popular game. As the name suggests both Mario and Sonic is in it. Unlike most games it skips right to the boss battle, Bowser or Dr. Eggman. It has achievements, prizes, and cheats built in. Currently it's at version 1.6.1.

A BYOB version was made to improve the game. It has customizable controls, but at the cost of speed.

Scratch Showdown

... Too lazy to write stuff for this... maybe later... link

Scratch Bash

Again too lazy. (Even too lazy to give a link :O)


Mainly, the only topics I look at are my own and the Block Library. I am both a librarian and the top BYOB contributer.


I don't use the contribute to the wiki much. When I first got in I started to work on block pages, but then those where all created and I stopped helping out. I didn't come back until recently when the Block Library page was suggested. It was somewhat ignored so I re posted it and thus it was made.