Hello Wiki users. I am a Scratcher who has been on for about a year and a half. I am active in our Scratch community, once helping out with my school's computer club as a mentor to New Scratchers. If any New Scratchers need help, feel free to respond to my forum post in the Collaboration section. Just search for "SJRCS_011" in the search bar to find my posts. You may see other users with "SJRCS" in their username. Just to clarify everything, they are NOT me. They are just from the same school as me.


7/31/12: Got a 632 on the wikipediholic test.

7/30/12: Came back to the wiki.

7/28/12 Began work on a second-generation java player, supporting several scratch mods.

Sometime-in-between: Disbanded AANS, Re-started Mod Play with GP1

10/15/11: Received 10,000c on the TBG for reporting over 100 threads in Operation Cleanup 5 {aka Operation Pentaclean}

10/16/11: got a 547 on the Wikipediholic test by Chrischb.

10/17/11: The main website was being worked on. I could only access this account!

10/23/11: I got my 145th edit, and created AANS website.

12/16/11: I moved AANS website, started on Scratch mod (Tiger), and started working on Mod-Play, which will use custom Java players for Scratch mods.

My History on Scratch

One day, at my school, I saw a signup for Computer Club, and I was interested, so I signed up. At the first meeting, some of my classmates and I are introduced to Scratch. At first I was confused, but I caught on quickly. I really started to enjoy Scratch.

A year passes. My school is going to have another Computer Club, and my technology teacher asks if I would like to mentor the members of Computer Club. I agreed. I had honed my skills during the time between these clubs, and I was ready to give back. I agreed.

Another year passed. This year (2012), we had 3 levels:

  • Beginner (Scratch)
  • Intermediate (BYOB)
  • Advanced (HTML/VB.NET)

Of course, I was in the advanced program :P. I already knew HTML, so I basically just hung around for the VB.NET. Unfortunately, we never got around it. The one thing I did learn, though, is that I am horrible at CSS.

My Recent History

Recently, I have only really been active on the forums. I've been working on software in Java for a couple months, and I am pleased to say I am doing rather well. I have created a few websites, but nothing of great significance. I disbanded two of my projects (AANS and Tiger) so I could work on other things, like Tiger's ideas in other languages (JTiger (in java), Tiger.NET (C#) and WebTiger (JS)). I am also working on a mod site called Mod Play.


Recently, I have started a Scratch company called AANS for Advice and Assistance for New Scratchers. It is to help New Scratchers gain the skills that they might need to help advance them in the Scratch community. Currently, we are hiring, so if you would like to help, go to AANS. Most positions are open, as no one other than myself were hired (one position is pending). This program is similar to ScratcHelps and NSI, except with a different layout and slightly different goals. I am looking for Scratchers with experience and enthusiasm to pass on to New Scratchers, or for New Scratchers wishing to learn. Recently, AANS also created a new website. I am the admin, with the current mod being Zeusking19. We are in need of more members.

AANS was disbanded in the winter (norther hemisphere) of 2011-2012 due to inactivity.


Recently, I have joined the TBG forums on Scratch. I have created two games (post to 40 before someone without a number in their username posts & write the wackiest computer idea) and two shops (Penny stock market and penny loans). Also, during Operation Cleanup V, I reported over 100 threads.

Mod Play

Mod play is a website for sharing mods, similar to Mod Share. It is currently WIP.


Please see

  1. Mod Play
  2. Me on SourceForge
    1. Tiger on SourceForge
      1. JTiger
      2. Tiger.NET
      3. WebTiger
    2. Second Generation JavaPlayer (JPlayer)
    3. Inferno Web Browser
  3. Contact Me
  4. My Sandbox
  5. My Edit Count
  6. My account

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