Welcome to my Scratch Wiki user page!

Greetings! I joined the Scratch Wiki on January 6th, 2019! I am very pleased to be here, and hope that I can find some way in which to help. :)

How many Wiki editors are there?

There are currently 2,249 editors on the Scratch Wiki! :)

What I do on the Scratch Website

I became a curator of the Scratch Welcoming Committee on February 20, 2019!

I am leader of Enhanced Games Unlimited Collaboration.

I love talking to people and making new friends, as well as catching up with old ones! :)

What I do outside of Scratch

I am an Amateur Radio Operator.

I am heavily involved in my county's Volunteer Emergency Management Unit in the role of SkyWarn Net Control Operator. I am trained in CPR/AED, First Aid, SkyWarn, and Medical Response to Bombing Incidents. We use Amateur Radio to communicate.

As a HAM, if the HF band conditions get just right, I can talk to the ISS (International Space Station), as well as bounce signals off of other orbital bodies such as other satellites, or the oldest satellite that earth has, the moon. I haven't done that yet, but it's on my bucket list! :D I have however, made contact with other HAMs in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Poland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, as well as Japan. It is mind blowing to reflect that this was done with 25 watts on approximately 16 feet of wire... Just wow!

I love driving in the snow. :) You may officially call me wierd. ;)

I work at a local family-owned old style hardware store. :)

Some Real Life Characteristics

Note Note: This section is a WIP (work in progress)

Crazy, Nerdy, Weird. That about sums it up! ;)

I love flying things! I fly an RC plane.

I hate getting up early...

I love going to bed late, but that never helps the above....

I work full time.

Favorite Quotes

Note Note: This section is a WIP (work in progress)

I drew I SPOODER! ~ @ZLGames

More to be added later.....

73! ("Best Regards" In HAM-Speak)
RonTheNerd (talk | contribs) 02:34, 9 January 2019 (UTC)