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The Seasonal Challenges (TSC) are a group of studios that are created monthly. They focus on challenges relevant to the current month. Users create and submit a project, much like the Scratch Design Studio. If you have a new idea for an upcoming TSC, please click here and read more about suggesting. We may use your idea!

In our studios you can..

  • Create conversations with others!
  • Make projects celebrating a certain theme!
  • Celebrate with us during certain events!


There have been 6 main studios so far:

1. Back to School! 2015 (Studio now deleted)
2. Halloween 2015
3. Giving Thanks! 2015
4. December Holidays! 2015
5. New Year's Resolutions!
6. Poetry! (Current Studio)


Want to curate? Sorry, but right now only selected scratchers can curate. To become a curator help out in the TSC and the Scratch community (places like the SDS, FPCA, SWC, SST, and the forums) and you may be chosen! Please do not simply ask to curate.

But even if you are not one of the above, if we see that you are very helpful, we will consider inviting you to join the TSC Team! We also may have an applying system in the future, so stay tuned.

The Current Curators Include:

rollercoasterfan (Second In Command)
-VexVorlo- (First In Command)
Aquasplash (Temporary Curator)

Some Curators Have Retired and Moved On To Other Adventures. They are:

Ellesong (helped for TSC Halloween 2015)
Ionosphere (helped for TSC Halloween 2015)
Malik44 (helped curate the first two studios)


September, 2015: -VexVorlo- starts the TSC with Scratch Team members Paddle2See and Fullmoon, as well as many other Scratchers.
October, 2015: -VexVorlo- starts the second TSC with same curators
October 10th, 2015: Rollercoasterfan takes over due to -VexVorlo- leaving Scratch
November 4th, 2015: Rollercoasterfan continues the TSC with the third TSC. Many curators have left and new ones joined, but some original curators decided to still be a curator
November 16, 2015: New curators have joined the TSC.
November 30, 2015: Rollercoasterfan starts the fourth TSC (December Holidays) with the same curators
December 9, 2015: -VexVorlo- takes over after returning to Scratch
Mid December, 2015: -VexVorlo- leaves Scratch again, Rollercoasterfan continues
December 26, 2015: Fifth TSC begins (New Year's Resolutions) with the same curators
December, 2015 - March, 2016: TSC goes on a hiatus
March, 2016: Sixth TSC begins (Poetry) with a new curator, bjskistad!
March, 2016 - June, 2016: TSC goes on a hiatus
Mid June, 2016: -VexVorlo- takes over again after returning to Scratch
June 24th, 2016: The TSC gets an official account named TheSeasonalChallenge, as well as getting the new curators Abstract-, -Cherri-, chacharosie8888, denciethepenguin, and kendy4ever.